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Westlake Village Electrician
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Westlake Village Electrician
Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor

Priority Electric - The Westlake Village Electrician specializing in residential electrical.
Taking Care of Westlake Village Homes is what Priority Electric excels at with 15+ years of experience.

There are many factors involved in getting an electrical problem repaired.
The most important factor is to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely.

Priority Electric, a Licensed, Professional Westlake Village Electrician has the knowledge, proper tools, electrical testers voltage meters and fully stocked truck built specifically for an electricians needs. Without the necessary tools, even the slightest alteration, can seriously cause harm to yourself or your home, by mixing up wires or by not taking the proper precautions.
Priority Electric, a Licensed, Professional Electrician has extensive experience and knowledge.

For your own safety, and for the safety of the people who live in your home,
Call Priority Electric, (805) 409-7060
a reliable, licensed, professional electrician, about your electrical problems, however small they may be.

Priority Electric, the Licensed Professional Westlake Village Electrician will ensure that the proper safety steps are taken throughout the job.

Kitchen remodels and remodels in general, are quite common in Westlake Village as homes are a bit older and need updating. The big problem is many get the remodel done by a General Contractor or kitchen Remodeler, who tries to increase their profits and fails to hire a qualified electrician. The problems do not show up until they are long gone. Installing top of the line appliances require new dedicated circuits that need to have new lines run from the electrical panel. Many general contractors, cabinet contractors, and or handymen, fail to understand how electricity works and do a band aid, splicing, mickey, rig job, and your house suffers. You would be very wise to make sure your new built in appliances, additional outlets, and lighting are done by a smart, experienced, professional, Electrician.
Thanksgiving or other holidays are very bad days to find out the electrical work wasn't done properly.

Priority Electric, Westlake Village Electrician - We will ensure that your electrical needs will be taken care of quickly and easily. We provide expert electrician repair services, maintenance, troubleshooting, electrical upgrades, lighting upgrades, home automation, remodels, and electrical installations.

Light up your Westlake Village home to show elegance and beauty.
When it comes to Lighting, your Westlake Village Electrician - Priority Electric, is the lighting expert and will make your home shine! We have the ability to make the lighting in some homes look similar to those of the luxury resort hotels with beautiful landscape lighting. Led Lighting upgrades of recessed lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, scene lighting and more.

Some of our electrician services include:
Adding, Installing, Updating; outlets, switches, dedicated circuits, ceiling fans, electric car charging stations, chandeliers, dimmers, electrical wiring, hot tub wiring, smoke detectors / carbon monoxide detectors, scene lighting, home lighting control systems, home automation, lighting design, landscape lighting design, accent lighting, garden lighting, LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and a host of other electrical services.

Repairing or Troubleshooting; circuit breakers, blown fuses, outlets, switches, flickering lights, Lighting, dedicated circuits, cleaning up correcting exposed or bad wiring, rewiring, hot tub wiring, smoke detectors / carbon monoxide detectors, scene lighting, home lighting control systems, home automation, landscape lighting, LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and many other electrical issues.

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Licensed and Insured Westlake Village Electrician. 805-409-7060 electrical repairs, troubleshooting, upgrades, remodels, lighting, and electrical installations

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